Aneka Fahima Sufi

PhD Candidate in Organisational Behaviour
Research Interests: 
Work attitudes and behaviours, Emotions, Group dynamics, Justice, Organizational Paradoxes, Organizational Rhetoric and rituals, Personality, Positive organizational behavior, Social capital, Training and Development
Other Interests: 
Candid photography, table tennis, suduko

Aneka is enthused by the complex interactions of individual, social and organizational factors at the workplace---how do individual level psychological constructs and social dynamics affect employee outcomes? Prior to enrolling in PhD, she has an MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, and over 5 years of cross functional work experience in paints, chemicals, tobacco, and consultancy industries


Sufi, Aneka F. (2017). The role of paradoxes in incumbent response strategy in the context of disruptive innovation. Presented as part of Sub-theme 09: (SWG) The Lived Experiences of Paradoxes: Passions, Defenses and Competing Demands at the annual EGOS (European Group for Organisational Studies) Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark, from Jul 5-8, 2017

Sufi, Aneka F. (2017). Dark Triad: link with CWB and OCB. Presented at the first annual SDSB (Suleman Dawood School of Business) Doctoral Colloquium, Lahore, Pakistan, on Apr 24, 2017