Ayesha Syeda Wadood

PhD Candidate in Operations Management
Research Interests: 
Social sustainability, networks and knowledge management, lean management practices, social responsibility towards suppliers vs supplier’s social responsibility, supplier development, supply risk mitigation and social failures
Other Interests: 
Home and Interior Decoration, Food and Nutrition, Spending time with my toddler
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Ayesha is interested to bring to attention and in an ideal world, resolve the tension between stakeholder and shareholder interests, with regards to the adoption of social responsibility towards stakeholders. Through her research, grounded in the principles of exchange and reciprocity, she wants to communicate and establish that if you treat your stakeholders well, the positive mutually reinforcing reciprocal relationship that develops will eventually benefit the focal firm too. After completing her BSC (Honours) in Economics, from Lahore University of Management Sciences, she went on to pursue her  Masters in Economics, from the University of Toronto (Canada) followed by this PHD in Operations Management degree.

She is currently working on her PHD dissertation on the antecedents and consequences of socially responsible behavior, in the subject area of Sustainable Operations Management at LUMS. While studying for years, about managing and optimizing economies first and businesses now, and ways to address the technical, administrative and managerial challenges that incur in these businesses, she noticed that a large gap that exists in the theory and practice of most production businesses in the developing countries. This gap can potentially be reduced by more research based in the developing world, using the developing country small supplier’s perspective and viewpoint. She is trying to address the gap in the papers making up her thesis. She is also heavily inspired by the lean and green Japanese manufacturing techniques and believes in setting high standards for suppliers and then helping them achieve them. A part of her research is also on the intersection of lean and social sustainability.