Dr. Muhammad Abdur Rahman Malik

Assistant Professor,SDSB

Dr. Abdur Rahman Malik is working as Assistant Professor in Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB).

Research:  "Abdur Rahman Malik, M. & Fatima, J. (In Press 2018). Supervisor ostracism and defensive silence: a differential needs approach. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology."

"Abdur Rahman Malik, M. & Nazir Butt, A. (In Press 2016). Rewards and Creativity Past, Present & Future. Applied Psychology: An International Review."

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"Abdur Rahman Malik, M., Butt, A. & Choi, J. (2014). Rewards and Employee Creative Performance: Moderating Effects of Creative Self-Efficacy, Reward Importance, and Locus of Control. Journal of Organizational Behavior"

"Abdur Rahman Malik, M. (2012). Exploring the Link between Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Enterprises and Spillover Effects in Developing Economies. International Journal of Business and Management, 7 (1), 230-240,"

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