Haris Khan

PhD Candidate in Finance
Research Interests: 
Distribution of income and wealth, Equity finance, Private equity, Microfinance
Other Interests: 
Technology and Gadgets; Swimming; Martial arts
Student Email: 

Haris Khan is passionate about the role of finance (including, but not limited to, financial instruments, processes, institutions and systems) in the distribution of value of economic resources, both on macroeconomic and microeconomic level. He has an MBA from IBA Karachi and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from The University of Karachi.
Prior to committing to the SDSB PhD Management program, he had served in various industries for around a decade. From the realm of information technology, working in the capacity of software quality assurance for multinational corporations such as UBL® and Microsoft®, to project management in Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Ltd. for the ERP rollout to their business centers, to finally academia, starting the journey as a lecturer in Finance and Economics in Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, he had been analyzing the interplay of technology and management in the economy. As a unique value addition to the SDSB PhD Management program, he also brings an insight of the synergy of management with technology to the table, as he envisions the technological dependence of financial systems to transition from an operational capacity to that of strategic nature day by day. You would often find him quoting Bitcoin as a relevant contemporary example of public interest.


Khan, H, Shehzad, CT, and Chaudry, AS (2018). Time-varying effects of liberalization on income inequality. Paper presented at the Asian Management Research and Case Conference (AMRC), Bhurban, Pakistan from March 23-24, 2018.