2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference

Saturday, April 27, 2019 (All day) to Sunday, April 28, 2019 (All day)
Suleman Dawood School of Business- LUMS


Our focus at this interdisciplinary conference is to link various gender categories to economic participation, to understand the impact of globalization, social movements and social norms on economic opportunities and to unpack whether this results in social change within the context of capitalism. The conference will present an interdisciplinary platform for participants to analyze and critique recent trends, innovations, and conditions related to gender, work and society, broadly defined. The conference aims to highlight both scholarship and praxis around gender, work and society within the following themes:

  • Critical approaches to understanding how and why we ‘do gender’ in the workplace
  • Gender, class and social movements
  • Queer identities in workplaces
  • Education and employment – connecting the missing dots
  • Women in sweatshops and the global supply chain
  • Sexual harassment at the workplace, particularly in context of #metoo
  • Opportunities and limits of home-based work as an emancipator
  • The politics and praxis of donor funded ‘gender mainstreaming’ and development
  • Gender equality and sustainable development
  • Gender and entrepreneurship in the Asian context
  • Aspiring leaders: perceptions of gender equality in managerial pipelines  in  South Asia
  • Gendered intersections: culture, ethnicity, class and religion in the workplace
  • Masculinity at work
  • Violence, work and public space