Build Software for Economic Development at CERP Labs

Friday, December 6, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm
CS Smart Lab

You are cordially invited to attend a talk on 'Build Software for Economic Development at CERP Labs' by Mr. Taimur Shah.


CERP Labs seeks to build technology that helps the larger economic development process. We are a software firm housed inside of the Centre for Economic Research, which is founded and led by economists Asim Khwaja, Atif Mian, Tahir Andrabi, Ali Cheema and Adnan Khan. We look to marry their expertise and experience in development with the latest software development techniques and technology to create systems which have sustained, positive impact over time.


Taimur Shah, Head, CERP Labs. Taimur was previously a software architect at IBM Watson before moving to Lahore and starting CERP Labs. Prior to working at IBM, he had started and sold his first company Clossit to Parrable. Taimur studied Machine Learning and Economics at Columbia University.