EMBA Advantage

The Executive MBA Programme is designed for mid-career managers and entrepreneurs who are keen to take on greater challenges and make an impact on the productivity of their organisations. These individuals can leverage their rich work experience through this world-class management programme. The curriculum has been designed to provide both depth and breadth of a rigorous, distinguished management programme. While starting with the fundamentals of each functional area, the courses quickly step up to advanced levels in order to maximise learning of a group of highly experienced managers. This helps particpants develop an understanding at the operational and strategic level in each business area.

The EMBA programme has gone through major structural changes in the past year to develop better curriculum for executives. 4 hours’ sessions/day (two courses running at a time) were replaced by teaching 3, 90 min sessions/day (three courses running at a time. The structure is based on 16 sessions of 90 minutes each.

Financial Accounting has been reintroduced in the EMBA curriculum based on its relevance to the programme. A curriculum comparison with 10 top business schools of the world identified the need for the change in curriculum

  1. Get ready to assume a leadership role
  2. Accelerate career growth
  3. Acquire advanced management skills without disrupting career track
  4. Expand opportunities, gain critical skills and secure a competitive advantage
  5. Learn by sharing perspectives with a diverse group of seasoned professionals
  6. Develop an effective network of peers and mentors
  7. Gain exposure to an extremely rigorous, stressful and demanding work routine, reshaping professional attitude and ethics
  1. Improve the organisation’s productivity, performance and profitability by increasing the effectiveness of key managers
  2. Retain and motivate high achievers in the company
  3. Develop a pool of sophisticated leaders who will enable their organisation to take on intricate challenges
  4. Reduce human development costs
  5. Keep abreast of the globally renowned practices and the skill set required to combat the challenges of an expanding business
  1. Participants are encouraged to seek financial support from their employers in addition to their consent to attend all the course modules. This means that the company agrees to spare the EMBA participants from work during on-site sessions to ensure that the candidate is available on all class days
  2. The financial support of the participant’s company is a metre that needs to be resolved between the participant and the company itself; however, LUMS does provide the option of ‘MCB Student Personal Loan (SPL)’ to facilitate education at LUMS.

A Unique Learning Method


Communication Skills

Gain the resources to master buisness communications: Face-to-face dealings, group meetings or large audiences


Empower yourself to tackle all sorts of management situations, based on analysis of actual cases, where specific strategies are designed for various situations


Meet with CEOs and executives of large multinational organisations as well as local conglomerates. Attend the Leadership Lecture Series taking place on campus and learn from the best

Real-Life business plans & projects

Learn various modern models of business plan and stay connected with the business community by taking up real-life business projects


Connect with people from all walks of life to build new skill sets and develop a rapport and efficiently boost your professional and personal network










Executive MBA: A Bird's Eye-View

Programme Length

22 months’ weekend programme

Year 1: early August – May
Year 2: early September – May

Class Schedule

Study Schedule

Alternate Weekends – (Saturday & Sunday)

International Exposure

Take part in the International Study Module

6-8 years

Average Work Experience

Tuition and Budget

Rs. 873,800* Admissions Application & Financial Aid

*(This was the fee for the year 2016. LUMS reserves the right to change its fee and policies without prior notice)

Depending upon room availability, Executive MBA candidates have the option to stay at the executive residence housed by the Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) at LUMS. However, participants will have to indicate on their admission application whether they want to stay on campus. Because of high demand and popularity, please note that the rooms reservations are made subject to availability.


Student Lifestyle

Get involved in extracurricular activities, conferences, sports plus other student-run initiatives and events. Network with potential recruiters, businessmen, entrepreneurs and likeminded people.