Dr. Hans-Dietrich Haasis

Since 2015, Dr. Haasis has been working as a full Professor in General Business Administration, Maritime Business and Logistics, University of Bremen, before Full Professor in Production Management and Industrial Economics, University of Bremen, since 2012 “University of Excellence”. He is also the Chairman of the Asian-German Knowledge Network of Transport and Logistics at Bremen. Since 2012, he has been lecturing at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich. He has worked as the Director of Studies at the University of cooperative Education in Delmenhorst from 2009 till 2014. He is a visiting professor at the University of Finance and Economics, St. Petersburg. He has worked as senior consultant and project manager for numerous national and international research and training/study projects related to the configuration and coordination of sustainable logistics systems, maritime business and sea/land transportation systems, value added services and distributed production networks, for the European Commission, the Federal Ministries of Education and Research, of Transport, Building and Housing, of Economics and Technology, as well as for GIZ/InWEnt.

He completed his doctorate from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.