Dr. Beverly Dawn Metcalfe


Dr. Beverly Dawn Metcalfe is internationally recognised for translating social science into work policies and practices that promote sustainable business, especially staff development and capability. 

Her work on leadership in the Middle East explores the unique socio-cultural and geo-political context and provides foundational knowledge for the development of government policy and organisation leadership policies. Her work also supports and informs social policy for women's empowerment in the GCC, and she has designed a leadership development model that covers both economic development and organisation development. Her record demonstrates a wealth of experience and innovations in uncovering ways to improve work processes and conditions to enhance decision-making. She has twice been awarded the Academy of International Business Award for supporting gender awareness in international business (by Swedish School of Economics), for her work on Middle Eastern women's role in international development. Her text 'Leadership Development in the Middle East' (2011,2012 Edward Elgar) is the core text for the majority of UG programmes in the GCC.

She has worked in Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, KSA, UAE, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Lebanon. Her interests lie in the intersections of culture and leadership, women's studies and broader social policy issues associated with human development and well being:

  1. HRD/HRM
  2. Gender and International Development
  3. Leadership in the Middle East/Africa
  4. Women and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East
  5. Women's Empowerment and Leadership in the Middle East/Africa
  6. Islamic Feminism and Development/Islamic Economics
  7. Gender and Global Governance
  8. Women and Islamic Finance

She has completed her PhD in Gender Studies from Keele University. Currently she is working as a Professor in International Management and Development at American University of Beirut - Olayan School of Business in Lebanon.