The LUMS Master of Science (MS) Degree


The Master of Science degrees are 1.5 years degree programmes offered by the Suleman Dawood School of Business.  They are specially designed programmes of study to equip you with outstanding business education integrated into a specialty area so you can impact defined sectors of the economy.  Each Master of Science degree will prove highly marketable as they home in on areas of extreme need for specialist knowledge and managerial know-how.  

The LUMS Master of Science core courses ensure that graduates have high level requisite knowledge in functional business areas including finance, accounting, economics, data analytics, marketing and strategy.  Specialised courses will sharpen your understanding of key fundamentals in your area of concentration.  A field project is part of the degree to enable practical engagement and application of your knowledge within an organisation.   Blended learning techniques throughout your Master of Science studies will expose you to a diversity of instructional approaches, learning technologies, cases studies, readings, role plays and industry engagements.  

SDSB’s established history of business teaching excellence ensures that the Master of Science degree programme you choose to study will provide you with an intensive, rich and innovative understanding of the intersection between business fundamentals and the focused specialisation area you have chosen.

What’s the difference between the business MS degree and the MBA at LUMS? 

The Master of Science degrees are specialised programmes requiring 33 credits to complete whereas the general management MBA degree is a 66 credit programme.  Whilst the MBA takes two years and is built primarily on case method teaching providing a generalist orientation to tackling real-world business challenges, the blended learning-based Master of Science degrees can be completed in one year and you can begin to operate within an organisation whilst working on the field thesis during the third semester of the programme (totalling 1.5 years to complete the degree).  The organisation where you do your field project may well be your longer term employer.  The Master of Science degrees each cover core fundamental business courses over the first semester after which you specialise in your chosen area in the second semester.  By contrast, the MBA is broader in scope offering many course options.  MBA graduates can opt to enter any industry of choice after graduation whereas Master of Science graduates will most likely have decided on the industry sector they want to join before applying to LUMS.  So, what really matters to be admitted to any of the three Master of Science programmes are your reasons for wanting to specialise and why you want to work in the industry you have chosen.

Master of Science Programme Structure

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