The MBA Advantage

MBA programme produces graduates who are strategic and entrepreneurial in nature, team-players, ambitious and capable to turn around organisations.  Through mandatory industry analysis, entrepreneurial ventures and consulting assignments; our students go through the Experiential Learning programme. MBA students are exposed to a global learning environment through International Exchange programmes with universities across the globe. MBA graduates have been and are regularly recruited in international organisations and are contributing to economy and society through their leadership acumen.


SDSB – 30 Years of Inspiring Business Excellence

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The MBA programme is an intense, demanding academic experience, involving two years of full-time study. The programme develops business managers who can provide leadership at any level in an increasingly global economy. The two-year programme is based on a collection of Core and Elective courses which are taught in a case method based style. MBA programme is an experiential learning process which is based on practical application of reflective learning process in an entrepreneurial environment. The MBA programme was recently revised according to the current best practices incorporating feedback from alumni, students and the faculty. The new experiential learning model is based on practical application of reflective learning process in an entrepreneurial environment, which augments personal leadership capacity building by bringing industry experts to the classroom. 


The programme is divided into three main exercises:

  • Industry Analysis Exercise (IAE):

    Industry analysis exercise to give students an opportunity to apply concepts and frameworks learnt in various functional courses to real-life situations.

  • MyStartup:

    This is intended to enhance students’ willingness to set out on an entrepreneurial journey. Students will complete four major stages of a start-up venture i.e. conceiving a concept, testing a concept, commercialising a concept and eventually generating operating profits.

  • MBA Consultancy Project (MCP):

    Students will exclusively work on a specific client’s consulting project in small groups, under the supervision of a faculty member from SDSB. Students will be encouraged to work at the company premises whenever practical to obtain relevant exposure and valuable insights. Interim progress will be monitored by the faculty supervisor and senior management of the client. The entire project culminates with a formal presentation to relevant stakeholders and submission of final reports to the faculty supervisor and client.


LUMS MBA: A Bird's Eye-View

Program Length

20 months, including 8 weeks’ mandatory summer internship

Year 1: early August – May
Year 2: early September – May

Class Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Monday – Friday


2-5 years (recommended)

Average Work Experience

Housing and meals are not included in the tuition.

Housing and Meals

Career & Professional Development

Urban Area of Lahore, Pakistan

Campus Locations

Student Lifestyle

Get involved in extracurricular activities, conferences, sports plus other student-run initiatives and events. Network with potential recruiters and likeminded people.