The SDSB Case Method


The primary teaching methodology is the case method. During the two years at LUMS, students work on over 500 cases which develops in them the ability to make decisions in a broad range of “real-world” situations. The case method encourages active learning and student participation. It develops a remarkable ability to analyse and apply theoretical frameworks, to debate and develop arguments, and to make quick decisions in challenging, uncertain situations. Indeed, LUMS MBA graduates are known for their capacity for sustained hard work, for working under pressure and meeting deadlines, for excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and for teamwork; skills which are critical for managers in today’s global economy.


  1. SDSB is the pioneer of Case Method based education in Pakistan. This avant-garde method of studying aids the students in discovering solutions to real-life business issues in a class-room setting by placing them in decision making roles. The students are involved into real-life managerial situations where they debate the odds and evens of the businesses and create innovative solutions through exchange of perspectives.

  2. Once a case is presented in class, the students become the decision maker in various business management scenarios. They are divided into study groups who work in a Discussion Room prior to joining their peers in the classroom.



How it works:


  1. Individual case preparation and reading

  2. Analyse the situation according to the given limited information, identify problems and issues, define alternatives amongst the study group

  3. Bring thought framework to the class for further exchange ideas on a larger scale led by the professor

  4. Draw conclusions and recommend viable solutions


Note: The medium of instruction at LUMS is English for all degree programmes offered. Assessments are accepted in English only.
  • 850 Cases read during the two-year MBA programme

  • 50+
    Leadership Lecture Series' Guests

  • SDSB
    is Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) Partner