Changing Perceptions on Supply Chain Management at REDC

Thursday, February 21, 2019

REDC successfully concluded a 4-day programme on Supply Chain Management from February 12 - 15, 2019, which was attended by a diversified group of professionals. The programme was directed by Dr. Shakeel Sadiq Jajja and Dr. Arif I. Rana. They were supported in teaching by Dr. Jamshed H. Khan and Dr. Mohsin Nasir Jatt.

The programme comprehensively covered key areas related to developing and managing suppliers, distribution, logistics and transportation planning. Addressing the challenges of the global industry, emphasis was given to supply chain strategies that lead to forward thinking and leveraged uncertainties to proactively seize opportunities and gain competitive advantage. Supplemented by hands-on simulation, executives gained an understanding of communication flow within the value chain to optimise results and create alignment between supply and demand.

A mix of case studies, interactive discussions and team-based exercises exposed participants to a spectrum of concepts such as forecasting, aggregate planning and risk management. The programme was well received by participants with a key appreciation for the interactive learning, centre’s ambience, teaching expertise and in-depth knowledge of the faculty team.

Nabeel Khan, a participant from Attock Petroleum Ltd, said, “The programme is conducted by using local case studies that are thorough and well-articulated, which we seldom find in any executive programme conducted in the country.” Abdullah Khan from Kamal Hosiery Mills added, “This course gives a very fresh perspective on the overall value of supply chain in an organisation. The faculty challenges you to think so you remember to apply the learnt concepts later in your own company. All cases were well integrated and made me think about aspects we usually overlook.”