Dr. Farrah Arif goes on radio

Monday, March 26, 2018

Dr. Farrah Arif speaks with Khalid Malik in the morning radio show called "Khalid Malik's Morning Jam" on FM91. She promoted the LUMS MBA programme through this programme, as an Ambassador of LUMS and highlighted the following:

  • Eco-system of LUMS
  • Why LUMS MBA
  • Experiential Learning based LUMS MBA
  • Importance and criteria of GMAT
  • Value of entrepreneurial mind set

She spoke about the history of LUMS, and shared that 'LUMS is a platform of high-quality learning experience'. She shared that the MBA programme is a Case Method pedagogy of learning and teaching, and that this teaching method is now evolved into Experiential Learning model. The MBA programme focuses on simulations, entrepreneurship and solving real-life problems.

Apply NOW for the LUMS MBA Programme at SDSB. For more information: LUMS MBA 


You can listen to her complete chat here: Dr. Farrah Arif - SoundCloud