EMBA Facebook Live Webcast 2018 Attracts a Large Audience

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

LUMS organised a Live Facebook Webcast catering to the overwhelming requests of its Executive MBA (EMBA) applicant pool on May 2, 2018. The Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) EMBA Programme Director, prominent alumni and current students connected with EMBA applicants for a high-powered one-hour session taking viewers through the LUMS EMBA experience. The panel answered live questions through social media and these questions ranged from the EMBA Programme modules to tests, and from admissions to financial aid.

The webcast attracted a wide spectrum of audience from different industries eager to propel themselves to greater heights in their organisational hierarchy. The webcast, moderated by LUMS Marketing Office team member, Minhal Sheikh, started with introductions of the panel members and a brief overview of the entire EMBA Programme. The representatives of the EMBA Programme consisted of Mr. Asad Alam, Programme Director; Umer Ghuman, Class of 2014; Aima Qamar, Class of 2017; Uzma Hussain, Class of 2018 and Furqan Ali Akhtar, Class of 2018 answering numerous pertinent questions by the audience.

The overwhelming number of questions posted to the University's official Facebook page were answered eloquently by the entire panel and served to address the many queries of the active online audience.

The live webcast concluded with Mr. Alam stating that “the biggest take away about the EMBA Programme is that you do not need to put your career on hold to earn this degree, you can be working and still earn this degree. You will learn to be a better and stronger leader and the Programme is an excellent investment in your future.” He then proceeded to wish applicants good luck for their application process, concluding the webcast.