Expriential Learning (EL) SEED: Final Round of Presentations

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
Restructuring of LUMS MBA Programme is based on Expriential Learning (EL). It is aligned with international academic benchmarks and global best practices. Experiential Learning (EL) consists of three phases: Sectoral, Experiential and Empirical Diagnosis (SEED), MyStartup, and MBA Consultancy Project (MCP). SEED lays a solid foundation of subsequent components of EL by engaging students in such a way that as they study different concepts and tools of various functional areas, they also study the practical application of concepts and tools in the local industry, and develop sector specific industry note an as outcome. MyStartup is intended to embed entrepreneurial mindset in MBA students where they experience the whole process of starting a small firm from conceiving an idea, testing the idea, commercializing the idea and finally generating revenue. MBA Consultancy Project (MCP) enable students to apply the concepts and tools learned in an actual business environment through the joint leadership of SDSB faculty and senior management of client organization.