Dean SDSB Publishes in Human Relations

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dr. Jawad Syed, Dean Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB), LUMS along with fellow author, Edwina Pio, has co-authored an article which has been published in the journal, Human Relations. The article titled 'To Include or Not to Include? A Poetics Perspective on the Muslim Workforce in the West' deals with the integration of the Muslim workforce in the West, its reasons and effects. 


Organisations in the West have to contend with an expanding Muslim workforce, an issue of considerable importance in contemporary workplaces. The dilemma of inclusion versus exclusion is often cloaked in a limited understanding of Islam in tandem with Islamophobia. Our core question is how can organisational practices enable inclusion for the Muslim workforce in the West. We initiate a timely and important dialogue through utilizing and developing a non-conventional approach of poetics, to investigate how organisational practices are embedded in relational space with implications for inclusion and exclusion. Our dual contribution is firstly to illustrate the use of poetics to understand Islam in the West and, secondly, we argue for the use of a multiplicity of discourses and discuss theoretical implications for human relations through thoughtful reflections of Islam. We suggest a nuanced perspective that values heterogeneity, to unfold dialogic engagement and enable organisational practices of inclusion.

The article can be accessed here.