Jeddah Alumni Reunite Over Dinner

Monday, November 14, 2016

The LUMS Alumni KSA Chapter held its second reunion on November 4, 2016 following a successful first reunion held in June 2016 in the city of Jeddah. The lot gathered accompanied by their families for a dinner at Al Nakheel Village to reminisce about old times. The group relived their memories of life at LUMS, and given the diverse graduation years of the alumni, they also discussed the tremendous number of changes that have been brought about at their alma mater within the past two decades. They also admired how remarkably well LUMS is progressing.

Following the dinner, the group was seen moving around the setting as they networked with each other and their families interacted amongst themselves. The event was attended by Aamir Altaf and  Waqar Ahmed (MBA ‘05), Khizer Ali Khan, Aizah Ashraf, Talal and Farooq Salim (MBA ’10), Salman (MBA ’01), Saleha Shafqat (BSc ’16), Adil Paracha (BSc ’99), Runaas Deheem and Asif Amjad (BSc ‘99 & MBA ‘02), Shoaib Jawaid (MBA ’11) and Sana Safdar (BSc ’05).

The dinner was followed by a discussion amongst the alumni, where it was suggested that the group aim to invite someone from the LUMS leadership to join them on board for the next KSA Chapter reunion in Jeddah.