REDC Conducts Programme on Advanced Corporate Finance

Friday, November 24, 2017

The Rausing Executive Development Centre (REDC) conducted a 4-day intensive programme on Advanced Corporate Finance from November 7–10, 2017, led by Programme Director Dr. Syed Mubashir Ali and supported by Dr. Atif Saeed Chaudhry and Dr. Omair Haroon.

The programme on Advance Corporate Finance helps build an understanding of the interactions between a firm’s investment decisions, the business and operational strategies. Through case studies and interactive discussions, participants gain exposure on how to optimise and integrate investment and financing decisions to maximize shareholder value. The programme is designed in a way that participants develop a deeper understanding in applying the principles and frameworks of finance and gain greater confidence in making strategic financial decisions.

“This is the most gratifying experience of my professional career. Met awesome academic people and other professionals from the corporate sector. Learnt new approaches which will help me in analysing corporate loan requests, ” said Mehwish Hyder, Unit Head-Corporate Banking, National Bank of Pakistan.

“Absolutely amazing course. Honestly, I was not expecting to learn this much over the course of only four days. Faculty was amazing and the way they made everyone interact was nothing less than an art,” said Shiraz Ahmed, Treasurer, Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company Limited.