Industry Analysis Presentations by MBA Students

Friday, December 13, 2019

The MBA Programme at Suleman Dawood School of Business, LUMS includes Experiential Learning components with active industry engagement from day 1. The Experiential Learning process is grounded on practical application of a reflective learning process in partnership with local industries. This is an excellent high value - low resource-intensive –offering that draws upon the diverse professional skills of our MBA students. Experiential learning projects allow our students to demonstrate and develop their business acumen, whilst acting as an excellent strategic resource to the company.


On Thursday and Friday, December 12th and December 13th, 2019, MBA students presented their projects at the end of the first Experiential Learning component, “Industry Analysis”. This component is based on a competitive analysis of various managerial aspects from local industry and allows students to delve into the decision-making process. Student groups analyse a critical issue facing an organization, perform a competitive analysis, and assess pain points. In the presentations, students helped companies identify practical solutions to business challenges, and delivered recommendations that diverged from Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Operations, IT, HRM, or any other business requirement that was needed within the chosen company.


In addition to proposing methods to enhance revenues, students also addressed critical supply chain issues, proposed crowd-sourcing elements as possible solutions to business challenges, and responded to questions raised by company executives and faculty members. Students drew on the analytical and management skills they learnt in our MBA programme, in addition to their own business experience, cultural skills and knowledge of their home market or sector specialisation to provide valuable input to the client organizations.