LUMS HR Confluence 2018 held by the MBA LUMS HR Executive Club

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

LUMS HR Executive Club (LHREC) welcomed over 200 participants at the LUMS HR Confluence 2018 from different parts of the country. The event hosted students from 13 different universities across 7 cities of Pakistan.

LUMS HR Confluence 2018, one of the flagship events of MBA clubs & societies was held on 14th and 15th of April 2018. This year the theme of the event was "Conflict Resolution: Turning Disputes into Opportunities" where experts highlighted what effective leaders can do to turn rivals into collaborators—strengthening their positions, their networks, and their careers in the process. In accordance with the theme, the speakers shared the critical tools and special techniques to convey their message.

The first day was carried out by appealing speakers such as Sulmeen Ansari, Faisal Akber Awan, Iman Masud Omer and a panel discussion with the ex-captain of Pakistan Cricket team, Mohammad Hafeez; who were successful in keeping the crowd engaged while delivering a learning experience. This day also involved HR Masters Case Study competition headed by Dr. Anwar Khurshid, who carried out negotiation activities in the simulation in an inspiring manner for the students. The day ended with an amazing performance from Mehboob Mian Meeri Qawal who captivated the audience by enchanting traditional Qawalis. The venue left no seats empty as both HR Confluence participants and LUMS community enjoyed the show.

The second day opened with Dr. Jamshed conducting Harvard's most famous simulation called 'Harvard Everest'. His powerful presence and coherent lectures received a lot of appreciation from the participants. Simultaneously, 'Management Studio', a live case study competition, was being coducted by Mohammad Taha of MBA 2018. The students gained knowledge about new frameworks for conflict resolution and applied them to the problems and situation at hand. After these competitions, the day followed through with the presence of speakers such as Rana Sajjad Ahmad, Omar Khayyam Sheikh, Rashed Turabi and a panel discussion session with Adeel Anwar, Khubaib Ahmed and Sabahat Bukhari.

Thus, another Annual HR Confluence event was executed through the efforts of hard-working organising committee constituting of MBA students as well as undergraduate students. While, the students recieved all sorts of support from the SDSB External Relations Office. This team effort and dedication made HR Confluence 2018 a successful event.