LUMUN Wins Eight Awards at WorldMUN 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The  LUMS Model United Nations Society (LUMUN) participated in the 25th edition of the Harvard WorldMUN conference held in Rome, Italy - the most prestigious of its kind in the world - and managed to secure 6 Best Delegate awards and 2 Honourable Mention awards.

This year, LUMUN sent an eight-member delegation participating in pairs in four separate organs of the UN: the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, the World Conference on Women and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.  The LUMUN delegation, having prepared rigorously since early November 2015, managed to secure 6 Best Delegate awards and 2 Honourable Mention awards.

Zain Mumtaz Peracha, President, The LUMUN Society said, “We are incredibly proud to see each and every one of our participants contribute to the growing list of accolades by LUMS students and societies. In lieu of its excellent performance over the past six years, LUMUN is in a stronger position to reclaim its aspirations of the Best Small Delegation award. This year, the team came second in running for the title, losing out to Claremont McKenna College (CA, USA) by only one award.”

Below is a list of LUMUN participants and their individual performance:

Zubair Bashir (Head Delegate) - Honourable Mention: UNSC

Ali Ahmed Shah - Honorable Mention: UNSC

Maaheen Afzal Alam - Best Delegate: UNHRC

Nabeel Ahmed - Best Delegate: UNHRC

Daniyal Taufeeq Jangda - Best Delegate: OIC

Ahmed Ali Kalhoro - Best Delegate: OIC

Muqsit Haider Ali - Best Delegate: WCW

Ali Hassan Ali - Best Delegate: WCW

LUMUN recently secured Best Small Delegation award at the twelfth session of the Model United Nations Turkey (MUNTR) 2016 Conference, held in March. MUNTR is the largest conference in Turkey and the region, both academically and organisationally.