Naran Valley - SDSB Team Development Exercise

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The successful expedition of the SDSB staff members to the northern areas of Pakistan is a hallmark of SDSB to provide an opportunity for social bonding and team development. Such expeditions enable SDSB in better understanding and promoting LUMS values of excellence, diversity and integrity and have been in practice for past three years now. This year’s exhilarating four nights & three days' trip featured Khagan, Kewai, Shogran, Siri Payee, Naran, Lulusar Lake, Babusar Top & Lake Saif Ul Malook. Around 32 staff members from various departments of SDSB were part of this journey. The wonderful experience filled withteam-building excercises, adventure, eye catching cinematic views and mesmerising landscapes are some of the positive take aways of this excursion. The team started their journey on the 26th of july 2018 and reached back to Lahore on 29th July 2018. 

Kaghan is naturally equipped with high peak mountains, richly greenish meadows, plateau and thick pine forests. The roads to Shogran and Siri Payee were very thrilling because of the steep heights. Naran was the most beautiful & picturesque valley rightly called as virtual paradise, unbelievably in pristine state. The Himalayan peaks hidden with clouds & snow along with beautiful fairy tale lakes were the main source of attraction. Babusar top was a beautiful place famous for its marvellous landscape and mountain vistas. The snow-covered mountains were breathtaking. Going to Lake Saiful Malook was a wonderful experience, words fail to describe its beauty and time spent in the company of this enchanting lake cannot be forgotten. Lake Saif ul Malook also provided a marvelous view of Malika Parbat, which is the highest peak of the Kaghan Valley.