Population Management: A Dialogue of Stakeholders

Monday, February 26, 2018

The National Institute of Public Policy (NIPP) held a policy dialogue on19 and 20 February. The topic of the event was "Population Management: A Dialogue of Stakeholders". Dr. Jawad Syed spoke on the second day about "Youth Bulge and World of Work". The officials at the event deliberated upon the following:

The demography of Pakistan provides a strong narrative for progressive development. This opportunity emanates from the youth bulge and emerging entrepreneurship incubation centers and technology. It provides a window for policy makers to exploit the economic prospects and offset the fiscal pressures on the economy and depleting government resources. However, the challenge is to manage population growth and demographic transition. It has nexus with Human Capital Index with primary indicators of health, literacy, technical innovations and economic well being. This requires strategies in three broad categories. First is to plan and generate work opportunities in a national agenda. Second is to write a new social contract that guarantees the rights and opportunities for Basic Education, Primary Health and Food. Third is to focus on sustainable work force with targeted skills and responsibilities.

The Program Focus for Dialogue was:

  1. Pakistan’s 6th Census 2017:  Results & Implications
  2. Politics of Population:  Challenges & Opportunities
  3. Youth Bulge and World of Work
  4. Good Governance & Population Management