SDSB-Business Linkages Programme: Visit to Descon

Friday, March 3, 2017
On Friday 3 March 2017, 12 members of SDSB faculty visited Descon Engineering’s headquarters on Ferozepur Road, Lahore. The visit was part of the SDSB-Business Linkages Programme that aims to enable knowledge exchange between the SDSB and various business organisations to produce case studies, consultancies, and other forms of engagement beneficial for both the business school and the industry.
The faculty members included Dr. Jawad Syed, Dr. Kamran Chatha, Dr. Faiza Ali, Dr. Atif Chaudhry, Dr. Zehra Waheed, Dr. Abdur Rehman Malik, Dr. Shakeel Jajja, Dr. Zainab Riaz, Dr. Omair Haroon, Dr. Aun Rizvi, Ms. Atifa Dar and Mr. Waqar Ali.
The SDSB faculty was welcomed by the top management of Descon and presented with a brief history of the company. The ensuing Q&A session discussed some of the key achievements as well as issues of the company and its different business units within Pakistan and abroad, including aspirations and challenges in the fields as diverse as strategy, human resource management, operations, manufacturing, employment relations and R&D were shared by the management.
The management and faculty also discussed some of the ways (such as executive education and EMBA) in which the SDSB could help the company. The visit concluded with a brief tour of the design and engineering offices of the company. The faculty also made some contacts with respective functional heads.