SDSB conducts Asian Management Research & Case Conference 2018 in Bhurban

Thursday, March 29, 2018


The 7th Asian Management Research and Case Conference 2018 successfully concluded on 24 March 2018 at the PC Bhurban. The theme of the 2-day conference was Convergence or Divergence: Emerging Trends in Management Research and Cases in Asia with a sub-theme on China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative: Implications for Management & Organisations in Asia. Out of the 142 submissions received for AMRC 2018, 78 research papers and cases were presented from 43 institutions.

Dr Yusuf Sidani, Professor of Leadership & Business Ethics, American University of Beirut, delivered the first keynote address on Islamic Business Ethics: Implications for Research and Practice followed by the second keynote address on Implications of CPEC for Business and Management in Pakistan by Dr Ijaz S. Gilani, Chairman Gallup Pakistan. Dr Shaista Khilji, Professor of Human and Organisational Learning & International Affairs, The George Washington University, delivered the third keynote address on Conceptualising ‘Responsible Leadership’ within the Asian Context.

The panel discussion on China’s One Belt One Road Initiative: Implications on Future of Businesses (Pakistan a Case in Point) was well received by the audience. The panel comprised Dr Bashir Ahmad, Bahria University, Dr Ijaz S. Gilani, Gallup Pakistan, Dr Omair Haroon, LUMS, Dr Shahid Rashid, CPEC, Ms Maawra Salam, Bahria University, and Dr Jawad Syed, LUMS.

The conference concluded with a case writing seminar conducted by Dr Arif Iqbal Rana (LUMS) followed by the conference awards. Sage Publications, India, sponsored the awards at this year’s AMRC 2018. Selected research papers and teaching cases will be considered for publication in the South Asian Journal of Business Studies and Asian Journal of Management Cases (as per journal review procedures).

Life Time Achievement Award:

  • Dr Syed Zahoor Hassan for his continued service and dedication in the promotion of case writing at the SDSB.

Best Case Award:

  • 1st - What Went Wrong in the Audit of Tri-Pack Films Limited – Mr Waqar Ali, Ms Atifa A. Dar, Dr Omair Haroon (LUMS)
  • 2nd – Kevlaar: From Retail to Contract Farming and Beyond – Dr Syed Zahoor Hassan (LUMS)
  • 3rd – Fahm ul Halal vs. Taqwa Industries – Dr Ateeq Rauf (Information Technology University)

Best Paper Award:

  • 1st – Social Practices and Organisational Performance: Is There Any Relationship? – Dr M. Shakeel S. Jajja (LUMS), Dr M. Asif (Prince Sultan University), Dr Frank Montabon (Iowa State University), Dr Kamran A. Chatha (LUMS).
  • 2nd – Can Empowerment Hurt? Yes, No, it Depends! – Dr M. Abdur Rahman Malik (LUMS), M. Afzal (University of Lahore), Salman Hamza
  • 3rd – An Empirical Study of the Consumers’ Attention towards Emotional Social Media Advertisements using EEG – Dr Yasir Rashid, Mr Muddasser Nazir (University of Management & Technology)

Best Student Case Award [TIE]:

  • Managing International Communication: Ji Trading Co. – Mr M. Mobeen Ajmal, Dr Abdul Rafay (University of Management & Technology), Mr M. Moeen Ajmal (Zong Pakistan)
  • Superfood Quinoa – A Farmer’s Journey into Unchartered Waters – Ms Rafia Mazhar, Mr Osama Malik, Dr Fazal J. Seyyed, Dr Moeen N. Butt (LUMS)


Best Student Paper Award [TIE]:

  • Servant Leadership and Meaningfulness at Work: The Contingency Effect of Leader Ethical Sensitivity – Ms Seerat Fatima, Dr Mueen Aezaz Zafar (Capital University of Science & Technology)
  • Impact of Sovereign Credit Rating and Outlook Changes on Sovereign Yield Curve of GIIPS – Mr Yasir Riaz, Dr Ch. Tanveer Shehzad (LUMS), Dr Zaghum Umar (Zayed University)


AMRC 2018 is a collaboration between SDSB-LUMS, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Universiti Sains Malaysia, the University of Wollongong in Dubai and University of Dhaka. The conference aims to bring together scholars and practitioners within the region to discuss the unique business models and practices prevalent in Asia. 

SDSB Conference Scientific Committee:

  • Dr Faiza Ali
  • Dr Kamran A. Chatha
  • Dr Omair Haroon
  • Dr M. Naiman Jalil
  • Dr M. Abdur Rahman Malik
  • Dr Arif I. Rana
  • Dr Jawad Syed


Conference Organising Committee:

  • Mr Shafqat H. Bhatti
  • Mr Shoaib M. Khan
  • Ms Ayesha Khan