SDSB Welcomes MBA 2020 in the Summer Orientation Programme

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

SDSB LUMS welcomed the MBA class of 2020 on Monday 7th August 2018 to the Summer Orientation Programme (SOP). A total of 64 students, with 25% female and 75% male ratio come from diverse educational backgrounds and professional experiences.

Their initiation began with meeting with the Head of SDSB Dean Dr. Jawad Syed, MBA Programme Director Dr. Bushra Naqvi and a tour of the entire university. During SOP, the students will study Business Mathematics, Computers in Management, Introduction to Financial Accounting, Introduction to Case Method, Introduction to Micro Enterprises & Interpersonal Skills. These courses will help them to cope with the upcoming workload of the MBA programme and also help them understand the learning pedagogy. Like always, senior faculty members are teaching and mentoring the students; the faculty includes, Dr. Jamshed H Khan, Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan, Dr. Ehsan ul Haque, Asad Alam and Naseer Aziz.