Friday, February 23, 2018

SDSB LUMS is creating a THINK TANK to engage industry and academia through networking and trust building while also bringing the policy platforms in the loop to align these three sides of the socio-economic development triangle to help improve our national competitiveness.

The mission statement and the objectives of the CEOs at LUMS (CAL) is to engage Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Vice Presidents (VPs), Unit Heads and the Senior Executives of the corporate sector to add higher value to this fraternity through networking and trust building, using the platform of SDSB LUMS. This is going to be a self-sustainable forum with high value to the participants in terms of networking, benchmarking, sharing best practices and bridging the gap between industry and academia. A strategic group was formed representing industry and academia for long-term sustainability of the Forum.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) at LUMS (CAL) Forum conducted its first Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in November 2017 to facilitate and promote the role of CEOs, Senior Executives, and the SDSB faculty to add a more meaningful value to the country’s economic, social, and cultural advancement through the exchange of ideas, experiences, and industry-academia linkages. Around 40 CEOs and 20 SDSB faculty members attended the first CAL Focus group discussion (FGD).

As an outcome of the FGD, the participants expected this forum to keep record of best practices in the market in various sectors, provide the right human capital to companies, create and disseminate knowledge. Some of the participants shared that this forum required openness, continued commitment, mutual learning and trust to be self-sustainable in the long run. The participants also highlighted the role of this forum in facilitating the policy formulation not only for the business but also for the academia through the engagement of both sides through case writing, consultancy and dissemination of knowledge.

The participants also shared the importance of developing sector specific clubs to facilitate the corporate / industry sector under the CAL umbrella. Participants showed willingness to share best practices in the first session and expected MBA students to be present in the session to learn and understand the requirements of the corporate sector from them. Members of the Lahore Woven Garments Consortium (LGC) offered to share their story of networking and trust building with the participants of this forum. Therefore, the first formal session of the CAL Forum is being conducted on Friday, Feb 23, 2018 between 3 pm to 7 pm in SDSB LUMS and this session will start with the story of LGC. LGC members will share their story with more than 50 CEOs/Industry Leaders and 30 Faculty Members as per the following order of activities.

This event is going see participation from some of the major businesses in Pakistan as well as the Public Sector, some of them are mentioned below:

  1. AC Nielsen
  2. MCB
  4. USAID
  6. KPMG
  7. Ernst & Young
  8. National Productivity Organization (NPO)
  9. Fauji Fresh n Freeze
  10. ICI
  11. Pepsico. International
  12. General Electric (GE)
  13. Meezan Bank
  14. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre
  15. English Biscuits Manufactruing
  16. Skills City
  17. Dysin Automobiles Limited
  18. Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT)
  19. Body Media International (Pvt) Ltd
  20. AKIDA Process Consulting
  21. CPPA, Government of Pakistan
  22. Entrepreneur Council Pakistan
  23. Akhuwat Head Office
  24. Infrastructure Project Development Facility
  25. Sahar Atif
  26. MAN Diesel and Turbo
  27. Jaffer Brother Ltd.
  28. Radtac Asia Limited
  29. Vroozi Labs
  30. Klockwork
  31. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  32. Cakes and Bakes
  33. DICPK
  34. Sefam
  35. DEC
  36. Tripkar
  37. MAN Diesel and Turbo Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd
  38. PSHRM
  39. SPEL
  40. Corporate General Solutions
  41. Stitch N Style
  42. Wilshire Labs
  43. Meinhardt Pakistan Pvt Ltd
  44. GBA Solutions
  45. BTM Marketing