Simio Academic Software: Institution Grant | Valid thru June 30, 2020

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Dr. Raza Ali Rafique and Dr. Mohsin Nasir Jat have secured the Simio Academic Software: Institution Grant worth $240,000 (USD) in an effort to equip research and teaching at SDSB with high-tech tools in Management Science (MGS). Simio provides state of the art simulation environment for modelling and optimising operations and supply chains. The grant includes 100 licenses and technical support. More than 100 students had been trained in simulation modelling and analysis based on the previous grant. This grant is valid through June 30, 2020.

BSc degree in Management Science (MGS) is designed as a specialised management programme that aims to graduate students who will use business analytic theories and methods to make significant contributions in solving managerial and technical problems. Students learn about business analytical theories and methods ─ including (big) data management, business intelligence, data mining, predictive modelling and other quantitative methods ─ to solve business problems. Students are trained with skills such as translating business problems into analytical problems, developing analytical models, managing big volumes of data, analysing data for providing solutions across business functional areas, interpreting analytical solutions for managerial decision-making, and communicating analytical results to novice and advanced technical audiences in a business environment.


  1. Introduction to Information Technology
  2. Qualitative & Quantitative Methods in Business\
  3. Decision Analysis
  4. Advanced Optimisation Techniques in Management Science
  5. Human Behaviour in Decision  Models
  6. Business Analytics