Creating Impact through Rigorous Research

The Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) is the oldest school at LUMS, established in 1986. The school introduced the case method of teaching, keeping in mind the need for a challenging and relevant curriculum. SDSB at LUMS, in keeping with its goal of becoming an internationally renowned center of research in the field of management, is offering a course-based PhD programme in the following three specialisations:

  • Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja

    Supply Chain Management And Organizational Performance:...

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  • Muhammad Abdur Rahman Malik

    Rewards and Creativity: The Next Step

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  • Muhammad Ayaz

    (re) Formation of Local Nodes in Global Production Networks

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  • Ashar Saleem

    State Under Trial: An Institutional Analysis of a Policy...

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  • Shoaib Ul Haq

    The Role of Conflicting Logics in Shaping Individual...

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  • Faiza Muhammad

    Decoupling and Recoupling Institutional Logics through...

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  • Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz

    Analysis and Design of the Upstream Dairy Supply Chain – An...

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  • Muhammad Osama Nasim Mirza

    Corporate Social Responsibility – The Perspective of...

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Overview & Areas of Specialisation

The SDSB PhD Management Programme offers a unique opportunity for higher studies in Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management, and Finance. The Programme has been designed to ensure that doctoral students have the full range of necessary research and teaching competencies, skills, and sufficient knowledge of their subject area essential for designing and executing research at the highest standards of academic excellence. It aims to do this by combining structured course work with supervised research study. The Programme design has been made in line with international standards and satisfies HEC guidelines for PhD Programmes. The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is conferred upon such candidates who have demonstrated substantial scholarship and the ability to conduct independent research. They have shown, to the satisfaction of SDSB, their command over their subject of interest, and their capacity to contribute to the frontiers of knowledge. PhD candidates are fundamentally driven by their desire to advance the state of the art, and to discover new phenomena, theories and applications that were previously unknown. The LUMS PhD Programme in Organisational Behaviour, Operations Management, and Finance puts emphasis on rigorous coursework and high quality research that should be published in peer-reviewed international conferences and journals. A PhD student is encouraged to tackle both coursework and research in parallel; success in both these components is a requirement for the award of the PhD degree.