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Programme Overview

Growing economies require professional management. A PhD management programme develops individuals who educate professional managers and solve organisational problems through research and consulting. PhDs provide leadership to institutions responsible for educating professional managers and creating and disseminating knowledge and professional advice. PhDs are trained to create and transfer new knowledge which helps managers make better decisions. The PhD management programme develops educational leaders who work for creating a knowledge-based economy. It offers exceptionally rewarding careers in academia and consulting, in Pakistan and abroad.

The Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) is one of the top-ranked business schools in Pakistan and the region. SDSB has built its reputation on the basis of outstanding teaching and research done by its world-class faculty having PhDs from the best business schools in the world.

Our PhD management programme prepares you for educational leadership, global exposure, and creating a significant impact through highest quality research, teaching, and consulting. We believe that quality research in business administration and economics demands both discipline specialisation at the cutting-edge and a broad intellectual inspiration with wide-ranging understanding and perspective. Only this kind of combination can generate and nurture truly innovative and relevant research.

The LUMS PhD Management programme is designed to be completed in four (4) years. The programme is comparable, in academic rigour and research quality, to the doctoral programmes of the top-ranked global business schools. Research in modern economies requires scholars to understand local and global context. Our PhD programme provides exposure to international research and best practices, while focusing on the research on the people and organisations working in a specialised local context.

The programme provides thorough academic grounding in modern management theories, models, and research methodology through rigorous coursework. The coursework prepares PhD students to understand current state of research knowledge and identify important and interesting topics for original research work subsequently. During research work, students identify innovative research problems, do ground-breaking research, share research findings with the international community of researchers, and write the thesis. Our programme fosters an interest in the issues of current concern in our complex transnational business and economic world. Our PhDs conduct research which is both theoretical and empirical; we acknowledge the importance of scientific rigour as well as the necessity to be empirically relevant.





PhD – Year I Fall

PhD – Year II Fall

PhD – Year III Fall

PhD – Year IV

4 Courses (OB, OM, FINN)
11 Credit hours

4 Courses (OB, OM, FINN)
10 Credit hours

Proposal Defence

Work on Dissertation

PhD – Year I Spring

PhD – Year II Spring

PhD – Year III Spring


3 Courses (OB, OM, FINN)
9 Credit hours


Comprehensive Exam - B


Work on Dissertation

Work on Dissertation

Comprehensive Exam – A

Dissertation Defence

Note: All courses are 3 credit hours unless otherwise stated

Total credits required for graduation

Coursework = 30 credit hours
Research Work = 30 credit hours