EMBA Advantage

The Executive MBA Programme is designed for mid-career managers and entrepreneurs who are keen to take on greater challenges and make an impact on the productivity of their organisations. 

Executive MBA prides itself in being advantageous to our students in the following ways:

  • You do not have to put your career on hold to earn the degree.
  • Most EMBA students have advanced their careers during the programme or upon graduation.
  • Students learn from globally recognised faculty, the industry experience of their cohort peers, and a global learning experience.
  • EMBA prepares you for the next level of leadership.
  • The solid, general management core courses help you bring new ideas and skills to your work place and put them to work right away.
  • This degree is an excellent investment in your future. It is also a wise investment for your employer.
  • Maintain work-life balance with only three courses at a time.
  • On-campus classes are held every alternate Saturdays and Sundays to minimise required time out of office.
  • Highly experienced classmates with an average of 12 years of work experience.
  • Faculty with strong industry linkages, who have received global recognition for their research.
  • Students having complementary skills are paired in study groups; for example, a student with very strong quantitative skills may be paired with someone having excellent negotiations skills.


EMBA at a Glance


Your immersion in business essentials



Hone entrepreneurial skills or explore new sectors through internship


Customize the experience to your goals and experience business across the planet

  • KEY
  • Core Module
  • Optional


  • I would highly recommend people to join the Executive MBA at LUMS as it will have a positive impact on their careers as well as their personalities. Moreover, you will start loving the place, the people and the instructors in no time!


    General Manager, Sales & Marketing Division , Honda Atlas Cars Ltd. Pakistan

  • LUMS EMBA is a rafting and truly transformational experience. It heats you, beats you and moulds you into a leader who is capable of spotting opportunities embedded in issues. The overall academic environment, programme design, curriculum and faculty invites you to think differently, act proactively and cooperate synergistically. It makes you an innovative and creative thinker and an enabler of people in every dimension of your life.


    Country Head, Sales & Retail Operations, Service Sales Corporation

  • The executive MBA has been a life-changing experience for me. This degree taught me how professional businesses are run. The case study method exposes students to the challenges faced by larger organisations and how they overcome real time business obstacles. One learns not only from the finest faculty in the country, but while interacting in an elite peer group we enhance each other’s knowledge of our respective industries.


    Creative Director and CEO, Sahar Atif Design Studio

  • At LUMS, I was able to learn and challenge myself and others in an interactive environment. This came through deep analysis, finding solutions, stating my opinions within a limited window of time and then building on it to establish my credibility.


    Head Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Electronics Pakistan Ltd.

  • LUMS EMBA is demanding, but the faculty and support provided is excellent. You have to be competitive and dynamic in the class, because the calibre of fellow students is very high. I have become more confident after joining this programme as it truly adds value to my career. Also, I am happy to be the first Chinese EMBA student at LUMS!

    DA FU

    Deputy Director, Sales and Distribution, Zong CMPak Ltd.

  • You think ‘world class’ and then you see it - LUMS has been exactly that for me. LUMS is what I would like to call family; it’s a friend, a confidant, sometimes my favorite enemy; with the unimaginable challenges it poses and the adrenalin rush it pumps for me to realize that the impossible is in fact possible! The steep learning curve has led me to expose myself to capabilities I never knew I had and to recognize the immense potential that goes to waste if not tapped into. LUMS took me in as an intermediate input in 2017, and with only a year worth of magic I already feel like a new person; not just in my technical knowledge of the business world, but also in my multitasking abilities, my renewed perspective of time and its value, and most importantly, in realizing my true potential. This journey, a one-of-its-kind rollercoaster ride, has truly been my favorite with the best takeaway on offer: It is never too late to follow your true calling! LUMS is not just a university, it is a Center for Excellence. The faculty, teaching approach, first-hand exposure to the industry, learning from peers, and state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities on offer are unmatched. The ‘Think Global, Act Local’ philosophy, a key building block for the institute, is evident in its impressive case-basis teaching methodology. With great emphasis on experiential education and value-addition from a wide array of professionals in every class, LUMS makes an ideal learning platform for you to explore endless possibilities.

    Saleena Beg

    Senior Officer Customs and Trade Facilitation, USAID Pakistan Regional Economic Integration Activity (PREIA)