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The school supports dissemination and creation of relevant and responsible research with specific emphasis on values of responsibility, integrity and diversity.

Carrying forward its legacy of excellence, SDSB continues to empower the intellect and fulfil management expectations, nationally as well as globally. Driven towards keeping pace with constant innovations in business practices worldwide, the Experiential Learning components are at the heart of the programme. The MBA has been undertaking a progressive path for the last two years. These are strongly directed towards bringing the perspective of the industry to the classroom setting, fostering a state-of-the-art educational environment, developing a strong knowledgebase, nurturing an attitude in line with the industry requirements and challenges, and empowering the students to achieve a career advancing approach.With a broad-spectrum of Experiential Learning opportunities, our general curriculum sharpens students’ understanding of business fundamentals, while the core curriculum offers them the flexibility to gain insights into advanced topics.
The MBA engages them in activities that are aimed to develop an energy powered future, a commitment with a managerial skill set and the attitude to change the way things are done in the business world.
With its top-notch faculty, its commitment to excellence and appreciation for talent, SDSB received the highest quality category accreditation by the National Business Education Accreditation Council (NBEAC). We are now in process of getting accreditation from international accreditation bodies like AACSB and EQUIS.
As a highly ranked business school, our internationally diverse faculty are experts and thought leaders in their respective areas. Bringing into the classroom practical and cutting edge knowledge with a global perspective, they help students stay competitive in today’s dynamically changing marketplace. This group of educators and researchers inculcate a sense of exceptional commitment in the students and the classroom setup demands them to bring out their leadership skills. Dedicated to excellence in research, teaching and business engagement, SDSB faculty members are known to have a deep understanding of the rapidly changing world economy as well as a unique and complex business environment in the world. The learning environment thus produces graduates who are strategic and entrepreneurial in nature, team players, ambitious and capable to turnaround organisations.
We at LUMS, also expose students to a global learning environment through our international exchange programmes with 16 universities, whereby they understand the transnational nature of today’s businesses. Additionally, a significant number of our MBA students visit Silicon Valley in the US each year, where they are exposed to tech giants and their latest innovations.
To drive our students towards success, recruitment drives, seminars and networking initiatives are integral components of the MBA programme. The MBA Placement Office educates, connects and advises students about opportunities in the professional world and work closely with them to prepare them for employer expectations within different professions and industries. We are proud of the high percentage of graduates who have been recruited across the globe and are contributing to the economy and society through their leadership acumen. Our alumni are not only founders of exciting startups but they also lead multinational corporations and spread the essence of LUMS’ education and values globally.
The School supports dissemination and creation of relevant and responsible research with specific emphasis on values of responsibility, integrity and diversity as part of the curriculum. Additionally, our case method pedagogy enables critical integration of organisational examples into the curriculum. As a testament to our academic rigour, the Harvard Business Publishing (HBP) now encompasses distribution of SDSB cases through their site, making the School’s cases available to a global audience. A major achievement for the Case Research Centre, this partnership places SDSB and LUMS on the international case map. Thirdly, LUMS MBA continues to develop graduates with a continued commitment and contribution to the industry, the academic community, and the wider society.
On behalf of all of us here at LUMS, I encourage you to explore our programme and the campus life and become a part of our ever-expanding network of excellence.

Dr. Bushra Naqvi, PhD, FRM
Assistant Professor, Finance and Director MBA Programme
Suleman Dawood School of Business

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