Year 1 Core Courses

The Core Courses are designed post industry feedback and are unique due to their integrated industry relevant nature. From Statistical Analysis for Management to Decision Analysis, to Macroeconomics Environment and Business, to Operations Management to New Venture Creation, the entire set of diverse courses build intellectual capital and develop graduates who are ready for today’s competitive business landscape.

Experiential Learning 1(EL1)

EL I covered in the first semester, comprises an Industry Analysis Exercise. This module helps students understand and analyse a selected industry and its market dynamics in detail. Not only do they examine the holistic business environment of the industry and its key players but also analyse current practices, predict future trends and provide strategic recommendations. Additionally, the exercise provides regular opportunities to stay connected with the business world and build relevant networks that go a long way.

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Experiential Learning 2(EL2)

In semester 2, as part of the EL II, students develop an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’, a capability that is essentially required by every successful professional in today’s world, be it a person aspiring to start a new enterprise or a manager working in the corporate world.

EL II specifically focuses on LUMS MBA students’ ability to conceive innovative solutions in the form of a new product or service to serve a real problem faced by the potential customers or any large organisation. Thus, EL II tends to act as a linchpin between EL I and EL III.

The EL II module is divided into two submodules. The first and the mandatory module is conducted in semester 2. The second module is optional and takes place during the summer break in lieu of the MBA internship.

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Summer Internship

This is a mandatory project-based internship of at least 6 weeks between the first and the second year. It offers a working platform to reinforce the skills learnt during the first year into an actual business environment and drive meaningful change. Students gain hands-on experience of managing real life business challenges under the mentorship of top executives. They also build valuable professional connections that help them later in many ways, including permanent placements.

Year 2 Elective Courses

In year II, students select from a wide range of electives offered in multiple disciplines. This helps students develop their career trajectory based on their future aspirations. The elective courses include: Business Intelligence to Retail Management, to The Business of Entertainment to Career Dynamics and Professional Development, to Agribusiness and Value Chain Management, to name a few.

Experiential Learning 3(EL3)

The third experiential learning module, covered in the first 10 weeks of semester 4, the MBA Consultancy Project (MCP), provides students the opportunity to apply their classroom learning in an actual business context. Students provide consultancy on a client business challenge under the supervision of a faculty member. Interim progress is monitored by the faculty supervisor and senior management of the client. The entire project culminates in a formal presentation to relevant stakeholders and submission of final reports.

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