Excellence Awards 

SDSB gave excellence awards in Research, Case Writing, and Teaching to recognise faculty achievements over the past year. Following are the areas of achievements with the number of awards:

Faculty Excellence Awards: 2017-18
Research  14
Case Writing  4
Teaching  6

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Our students have presented papers and research in some of the best journals of the world, some of the paper topics are given below: 

Collaborators Title
Khan, H, Shehzad, CT, and Chaudry, AS (2018) Time-varying effects of liberalisation on income inequality. Paper presented at the Asian Management Research and Case Conference (AMRC), Bhurban, Pakistan from March 23-24, 2018
Butt, M. H. N., & Malik, M. A. R. (2018) Multidimensional Materialism and Post Materialism: Impact on Work Family Conflict and Work Family Enrichment. Paper presented at the European Academy of Management (EURAM), Reykjavik, Iceland from June 19-22, 2018
Khan, A (2018) Advances in Islamic Economics and Finance. Paper presented at INCIEF-LUMS 3rd Islamic Finance, Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference, Lahore, Pakistan from May 2-3, 2018
Khan, A (2018) Revisiting Murabaha Syndrome: Behaviour of Islamic Banking in Absence of Conventional Banking. Paper presented at INCIEF-LUMS 3rd Islamic Finance, Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference, Lahore, Pakistan from May 2-3, 2018
Tariq, S., Jalil, M. N., & Zaffar, M. A. (2018) Multimodal Logistics in Disaster Relief. In The Palgrave Handbook of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management (pp. 445-487). Palgrave Macmillan, London
Sufi, Aneka F. (2017) The role of paradoxes in incumbent response strategy in the context of disruptive innovation. Presented as part of Sub-theme 09: (SWG) The Lived Experiences of Paradoxes: Passions, Defenses and Competing Demands at the annual EGOS (European Group for Organisational Studies) Colloquium, Copenhagen, Denmark, from Jul 5-8, 2017
Sufi, Aneka F. (2017) Dark Triad: link with CWB and OCB. Presented at the first annual SDSB (Suleman Dawood School of Business) Doctoral Colloquium, Lahore, Pakistan, on Apr 24, 2017
Shah, S. A. A. (2017) Role of Neo-institutionalism and Organisational Culture in Service Innovation Exploitation and Exploration. Paper presented at the Global Conference on Services Management (GLOSERV), Volterra, Italy from Oct 3-7, 2017
Shah, S. A. A., & Jajja, M. S. S. (2018) Design for Participation: Modular Service Approach. Paper presented at the Global Conference on Services Management (GLOSERV) under the umbrella of GLOBE (Global Conference on Business and Economics), Sarasota, FL, USA from June 4-8, 2018


Journal Output

Two issues of AJMC, Volume 14 Issue 2 (September 2017) and Volume 15 Issue 1 (March 2018) have been published.

International Partners: Universiti Sains Malaysia, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, University of Wollongong in Dubai, University of Dhaka
Date: 23-24 March 2018

The 7th Asian Management Research and Case Conference 2018 successfully concluded on 24 March 2018 at the PC Bhurban. The theme of the 2-day conference was Convergence or Divergence: Emerging Trends in Management Research and Cases in Asia with a sub-theme on China’s One Belt, One Road Initiative: Implications for Management & Organisations in Asia. Out of the 142 submissions received for AMRC 2018, 78 research papers and cases were presented from 43 institutions.

Dr. Yusuf Sidani (American University of Beirut), Dr. Ijaz S. Gilani (Gallup Pakistan), and Dr. Shaista Khilji (The George Washington University) delivered the keynote addresses at the conference. The conference concluded with a case writing seminar followed by the conference awards. Selected research papers and teaching cases will be considered for publication in the South Asian Journal of Business Studies and Asian Journal of Management Cases.