Our students publish research  in some of the best journals of the world. Selected publications of PhD Management students are given below.

PhD Management Graduates Publications

  • Yasir Riaz (Specialisation: Finance)

  1. Riaz, Y., Shehzad, C. T. and Umar, Z. (2018). Pro-cyclical effect of sovereign rating changes on stock returns: A fact or factoid? Applied Economics, Forthcoming.  (Rating A)
    Shahab, Y., Ye, Z., Riaz, Y., & Ntim, C. G. (2018) Individual's decision-making in reward-based crowdfunding: Evidence from China. Applied Economics Letters, Forthcoming.  (Rating B)
    Riaz, Y., Shahab, Y., Bibi, R., & Zeb, S. (2016). Investment-cash flow sensitivity and financial constraints: evidence from Pakistan. South Asian Journal of Global Business Research, 5(3), (Rating C)


  • Abdur Rahman Malik (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Abdur Rahman Malik, M. & Fatima, J. (In Press 2018). Supervisor ostracism and defensive silence: a differential needs approach. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology. (Rating A)
    Abdur Rahman Malik, M. & Nazir Butt, A. (In Press 2016). Rewards and Creativity Past, Present & Future. Applied Psychology: An International Review.  (Rating A)
    Abdur Rahman Malik, M., Rana, A. & Bashir, M. (2014). Packages Ltd., Capacity addition in carton line: Riviera vs. Austin. Asian Journal of Management Cases, 11 (1), 23-36
    Abdur Rahman Malik, M., Butt, A. & Choi, J. (2014). Rewards and Employee Creative Performance: Moderating Effects of Creative Self-Efficacy, Reward Importance, and Locus of Control. Journal of Organizational Behavior (Rating A*)
    Abdur Rahman Malik, M. (2012). Exploring the Link between Foreign Direct Investment, Multinational Enterprises and Spillover Effects in Developing Economies. International Journal of Business and Management, 7 (1), 230-240, (Rating C)
    Zamin Abbas, R. & Abdur Rahman Malik, M. (2011). The Existential Face of Organization: A Literature Review. European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences, 32, 101-106. (Rating C)


  • Ashar Saleem (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Saleem, A., & Hassan, S. Z. (2015). US Denim Mills: Quest for Alternative Fuel Sources in the Wake of Energy Crisis (A). Asian Journal of Management Cases, 12(1), 84-101.


  • Shoaib ul Haq (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. ADKAR model of organizational change: A case study of K-Electric, Journal of East and Central Asian Studies, 2017
    Storytelling in organizations: A conceptual review, Journal of East and Central Asian Studies, 2016
    The politics of knowledge, epistemological occlusion and Islamic management and organization knowledge co-authored with Dr. Robert Westwood, Organization, 2012. (Rating A)


  • Faiza Muhammad (late) (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Accounting signifiers, political discourse, popular resistance and legal identity during Pakistan Steel Mills attempted privatization( by Junaid Ashraf, Faiza Muhammad (late) and Trevor Hopper )
    Critical Perspectives on Accounting, an A ranked (3*) journal
    Strategic Evolution: Fact or Façade? Journal: The Business Review, Cambridge


  • Osama Nasim Mirza (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Mirza, M. O. N. (2016). Employer-Employee Relationships in Islam: A Normative View from the Perspective of Orthodox Islamic Scholars. International Journal of Business and Management, 11(4), 59–70. (Rating C)


  • Muhammad Azeem Ali Shah (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Bell, A. Shah, M.A.A., and Ward, P. (2014). Re-imagining cost recovery in Pakistan's irrigation system based on willingness-to-pay estimates from a discrete choice experiment. Water Resurces Research. 50, pp 6679-6695  (Rating A)
    Bhatti, M.T, Ahmad, W. Shah, M.A.A. & Khattak, M.S. (2018) Climate change evidence and community level autonomous adaptation measures in a canal irrigated agriculture system of Pakistan, Climate and Development, February, 1-9.
    Shah, M.A.A. Anwar, A, Bell, A, Ul Haq, Z. (2016) Equity in a Tertiary Canal of the Indus Basin Irrigation System. Agricultural Water Management 178 pg. 201 -214
    Bell, A, Ward, P,. and Shahm M.A.A. (2016). Increased water charges improve efficiency and equity in an irrigation system. Ecology and Society 21 (3):23
    Bell, A, Shah, M.A.A, Anwar, A, and Ringler, C. (2015). WHat role can information play in improved equity in Pakistan's irrigation system? Evidence from an experimental game in Punjab. Ecology and Society 20(1):51.


  • Muhammad Ayaz (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Chatha, K.A & Ayaz, M (2010) “Production Options at PSL” Asian Journal of Management Cases, 7(1), 2010: 55–72
    Munir, K.A, Ayaz, M, Levy, D and Willmott H. (2017) The role of intermediaries in governance of global production networks: Restructuring work relations in Pakistan’s apparel industry (Rank A*)
    Ashraf, Junaid, Ayaz, Muhammad and Hopper, Trevor (2019) Precariousness, gender, resistance and consent in the face of global production network’s ‘Reforms’ of Pakistan’s garment manufacturing industry. Work, Employment and Society. ISSN 0950-0170 (ABS 4 Ranked journal)


  • Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja (Specialisation: Organisational Behaviour & Strategy)

  1. Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. (In Press 2018). The Influence Of Institutional Pressures And Organization Culture On Supplier Social Compliance Management Systems. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management.  (Rank A)
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. & Chatta, K. (In Press 2018). Impact of Supply Chain Risk on Agility Performance. International Journal of Production Economics. (Rank A*)
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. & Jat, M. (In Press 2018). Hazir Subkuch ( Making Everything Present). Asian Journal of Management Cases.(Rank C)
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. & Jat, M. (In Press 2018). Online Retailer's Value Chain. Asian Journal of Management Cases.(Rank C)
    Chatha, K., Butt, I., Jajja, M. & Arshad & Arshad, M. (In Press 2017). Theoretical Developments in Empirical Quantitative Manufacturing Strategy Literature. International Journal of Operations Production Management. (Rank A)   
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M., Kannan, V., Brah, S. & Hassan & Hassan, S. (2017). Linkages between Firm Innovation Strategy, Suppliers, Product Innovation, and Business Performance: Insights from Resource Dependence Theory. International Journal of Operations & Production Management.  (Rank A)
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. & Hassan, S. (2016). MTL: Has the Time Come to Say Goodbye to MF. Asian Journal of Management Cases. (Rank C)
    Jajja, M. & Hassan, S. (2016). SIL: Value Chain and Strategic Choices. Asian Journal of Management Cases.
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. (2016). Supply Chain Strategy and the role of Suppliers: Evidence from the Indian Sub-continent. Benchmarking: an international journal. (Rank B)
    Awan, M., Asif, M., Jajja, M. & Ahmad & Ahmad, H. (2016). Developing a scale for service quality  measurement in banks. International Journal of Services and Operations Management.(Rank C)
    Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, M. & Hassan, S. (2015). Qadri Group: Sustaining Beyond The First 100 Years. Case Research Journal.
    Jajja, M., Brah, S., Hassan, S. & Kannan & Kannan, V. (2014). An Examination of Product Innovation and Buyer-Supplier Relationship in Pakistani Firms. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (Rank B).  
    Jajja, M. & Brah, S. (2014). Supply chain strategy and organisational performance: role of core operational functions. International Journal of Services and Operations Management. (Rank C)  
    Jajja, M. (2013). Retail Shelf Space Allocation Analysis Using System Dynamics Approach. Journal oF Quality and Technology Management.(Rank C)


  • Kamran Mumtaz (Specialisation: Operations Management)

  1. Arif Iqbal Rana, Dr. Mohammad Kamran Mumtaz "Sales Force Incentives at Service Sales Corporation", Asian Journal of Management Cases, Sep 15, 2017
    Mumtaz, M. K. & Mir, S. R. (2011). Strategic Buying at National Foods – A Recipe for Success. Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies, 1(1). 1-7.


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