The programme offers specialization in three management disciplines: organisational behaviour & strategy, operations management, and finance. Following is an illustrative and non-exhaustive list of the topics of research.

Organisational Behaviour & Strategy (OB&S)

These OB&S specialisations refer to a collection of theory and research that helps develop a deeper understanding of personal, interpersonal, and system-wide processes in organisations. It enables students to gain greater insights into the functioning of complex and evolving organisation. The principal objective of OB/S&O is to train students in the theory and methods of the following disciplines such as Organisational Behaviour, Human Resource Management and Strategy/ Organisation Studies.

Current Research Topics:

Organisational networks Diversity in organisations Power and politics
Gender and organisations Cross-cultural management Leadership and organisational change
Conflict and negotiations Motivation, values, attitudes and behaviour Entrepreneurship
Public personnel management Organisational justice Human resource management


Operations Management (OM)

This OM specialisation deals with configuring people, materials, machines and methods for optimal benefits. It draws upon a wide range of disciplines including mathematics, economics and other social sciences. Work performed in this area is typically characterised by a blend of theoretical and applied research. PhD candidates can also pursue doctoral research that examines problems and issues pertaining to Pakistani industry and emerging economies.

Current Research Topics:

Mathematical modelling/optimisation Scheduling and transportation Supply chain management
Total quality management Service operations management System dynamics
Operations strategy Technology/innovation management Product/process development
Value stream management Business analytics Business intelligence



The Finance specialisation focuses on current research topics in corporate finance, asset pricing, investments, and financial institutions and markets. The coursework component of the programme exposes students to a variety of theoretical and empirical research topics to understand relevant issues in finance theory and to conduct research. The objective of the finance doctoral programme is to train students to do high-quality research and to prepare them for careers in finance with leading academic and research institutions.

Current Research Topics:

Asset pricing and market efficiency Corporate investment and financing decisions Regulatory framework and role of financial institutions
Islamic banking and finance International finance and banking Portfolio diversification, investments, and financial markets
Financial risk management and contingent securities Theory of the firm, agency problem, corporate governance, and other institutional issues Issues in accounting and control
Corporate finance and investments in emerging markets