The MBA HandBook

Student's Resource Pack

In the MBA Programme, the main participants in the education process are the students, the faculty and the business community. This process is facilitated through the assistance provided by the administrative and support staff. The MBA curriculum encourages students to develop as individuals with outstanding managerial skills, expertise in decisionmaking and capacity for sustained hard work. It introduces students to modern theories and techniques while taking into account the needs and requirements of the business community in Pakistan. Peer group learning is encouraged through interactive discussion groups and inclass participation. The business community plays an important role in the learning process by sharing its problems, issues and concerns with the faculty and students. Many of these issues are subjects of cases discussed in class that introduce students to real-life challenges in a modern business environment. Prominent business leaders are regularly invited to share their experiences and views with the students. The faculty members design the curriculum and direct classroom discussions so as to highlight and analyse the main issues and problems of the cases at hand. Case writing, research projects and consultancy assignments also enable the faculty to develop a practical perspective regarding the dynamic nature of contemporary business issues to reinforce their academic knowledge. Faculty and the business community gain valuable insight into the real nature of the problems through discussion of the cases in the classroom. The business community benefits from this interaction as this process enhances the training of future managers capable of dealing with challenges and issues faced by businesses with a special focus on Pakistan. LUMS motivates its students to meet the challenges of the business world and to assume leadership roles in business development in the South Asian Region. LUMS education based on the synergy of students, faculty and the business community, results in a learning experience unique in Pakistan.