SDSB Alumni Association

The SDSB Luminites Association is a nonprofit and non-political organisation, run by a governing body, the Executive Committee, which is elected by the association and consists of members of the association. The association was formed with the aim to work for the welfare of its members and to play a leading role in enhancing the student experience and worldwide prestige of LUMS in general and Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) and its alumni in particular. One of the most important tasks of the association is to bring its members together periodically for networking, intellectual development and resource generation. For this purpose the organisation arranges informal get-togethers, courses and lectures by recognised national and international scholars. The association members also work to generate resources to meet the objectives of LUMS and SDSB in particular.

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SDSB Luminites Association Welcomes the Newly Elected Board of Directors and Council Members



The LUMS Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) Luminites Association organised a welcome dinner for the new elected Board of Directors and Council Members on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at the Executive Dining Hall at LUMS.

The event was attended by the outgoing board members and the new elected board providing an opportunity to both connect and celebrate the achievements of the outgoing board members. The event was also attended by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi, Dean of SDSB, Dr. Jawad Syed, the Election Committee, and members of the Office of SDSB External Relations and the Office of Alumni Relations.

The evening began with Dr. Naqvi thanking the SDSB Luminites Association for their tremendous work towards helping build connectivity and communication with the SDSB alumni through their activities. He also talked about the alumni being an integral part of LUMS and its future. Fatima Asad-Said, former President of SDSB Luminites Association, spoke about various activities including developing the concept paper for the Association, conducting mentorship and think tank brainstorming sessions, delivering branding-related activities and app developments, designing CSR initiative organisations, holding sponsorship drives, hosting the annual alumni reunion and LUMS meet-ups, and Leaders at LUMS sessions. She also addressed the finalized, well-articulated, and clearer MOA and set of rules for the Association with the purpose of continuity and institutionalisation as one of the top priorities. Dr. Jawad Syed congratulated the outgoing board for their hard work and welcomed the new board. He emphasised on working together as a team to take the University to newer heights.

The Board had a great time socializing with each other over a lovely dinner. The evening came to an end with the new board looking to take charge of the Association and their new roles. The new Board of Directors and Council Members also made plans to hold meetings to develop the plans for their tenure.

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SDSB Luminites Association Holds Annual Alumni Reunion



The enthusiasm and excitement could be felt in the air as over 300 alumni and their families entered the beautifully decorated lawn where the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) Annual Reunion was held on Saturday, December 30, 2017.

After an interactive meet and greet period, Ali Imam Naqvi, MBA 2007 opened the event by introducing the founders of LUMS and called upon stage the President of the SDSB Luminites Association, Fatima Asad-Said, MBA 1997. Fatima began her speech by thanking all the people who helped make the event possible by taking out time from their busy schedules and making an effort to make the reunion a memorable experience. As she took her leave, Fatima called upon stage the founder of LUMS, Syed Babar Ali, who shared his extraordinary journey of starting LUMS as a humble institution and the incredible pride he feels to see where it stands today, especially crediting the business school for bringing in rigour and good ethics that contribute to the reputation that LUMS has today. “It is now you people, who must continue this journey and be the future of a rising Pakistan. Stay strong, work hard and you will be successful,” he said.

LUMS Rector Abdul Razak Dawood also took to the stage and introduced the theme of the event, Rising Pakistan. He thanked the Alumni Relations Office for playing a key role in keeping this relationship between alumni and the University strong, and talked about how the SDSB teaches and encourages their students to excel.

Resuming his place back on stage, Ali Imam Naqvi announced the names of the winners of the Pride of LUMS Award 2017 -  Zia Akhtar Abbas and Amna Zia (husband and wife), who after graduating from LUMS in 1997 have worked effortlessly hard to contribute to the growth of Pakistan. They were both presented with LUMS shields and held the floor to share their success story. Amna shared a few words, expressing that ‘things that cannot be measured are much more powerful.’

The husband wife duo, both work with The Citizen’s Foundation (TCF) and have contributed to the social development of Pakistan. Zia shared stories of TCF and their journey of educating poor children and providing them with opportunities that otherwise would not be available to them. They also shared the belief that Pakistanis should unite and change for the positive. Their story was inspiring for all those present at the event.

LUMS Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. S. Sohail H. Naqvi, then addressed the gathering and shared how the institution has grown and flourished since its establishment.

Aside from listening to the engaging speeches, the alumni spent the afternoon enjoying appetizers, which included delicious samosas, bhel puri and gol gappay, reconnecting with old friends, and taking fun pictures at the lively photo booth. After the sumptuous lunch, the alumni then wrapped up the afternoon’s festivities by enjoying a fantastic performance by popular band, Khumariyan.

The SDSB reunion was a collaborative effort, reflective of the good that comes when the LUMS family works together towards building the community and the institution through strong teamwork and a spirit of generosity, tolerance and compassion.

The sponsors for this event were Pepsi, Berger Paints, Abacus Consulting, Hum TV, HKB, Digital Globe Services (DGS), Capventures, and Kinetic. The event was organised by Activemedia, an event management company established by LUMS alumnus Saad Khan, MBA 1999.

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