Akhtar Abid

BSc Accounting and Finance

I was born in a village named Pir Abad which is located in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa province of Pakistan. My father has worked as a laborer in a construction company in United Arab Emirates for thirty three years. My parents had always laid great importance on my education that’s why I always wanted to work very hard and peruse education from a reputable university that’s why I worked very hard to secure my admission in LUMS.

   My four years at LUMS were very fruitful. I did well in studies was placed on Dean’s Honor List (DHL) for my excellent academic performance in my freshmen year and got an award for “special contribution” in hockey but the most important thing for me was the mental maturity that I acquired during these years at LUMS. I made friends from almost every part of the country and even some friends from Russia, Japan and China. I learned to appreciate diversity in different cultures.

     I was even a part of many societies such as AIESEC, RWES and LUMUN. I am currently working in Telenor Pakistan as a management trainee in the finance department. I have attended an international training session in Norway and Malaysia.

Furthermore, I have been selected for Fulbright Scholarship for MS in social Entrepreneurship. I am pursuing this degree because I believe that if we can encourage people in Pakistan to invest in businesses we can create jobs. This will decrease poverty and hence will lead to the increase in literacy rate.