Fariha Zahid

PhD Management

“I am a third-year student of PhD Management at Suleman Dawood School of Business. My time here at LUMS has undoubtedly been a great learning experience. A rigorous and demanding course work, stimulating class discourses, and fruitful interactions with peers, all have made their contribution in broadening my horizon and refining my worldview. In my opinion, the key to going through this long and challenging path is persistence and the passion for excellence. LUMS makes sure that you get to avail nothing but the very best here.  
Moreover, I would especially like to mention the cooperation and support which the faculty members/staff have been lending to me. Hence, I can say with absolute conviction that LUMS provides the best quality classroom student teacher interaction through the most effective teaching methods. The case studies and interactive sessions at SDSB are at par with the best institutions in the world. Furthermore, besides being a premiere quality education centre with access to best academic sources, it brings great joy to me that LUMS also offers state of the art sports facilities, free for all students and employees, to cater to fitness needs. Being a PhD student at LUMS has not only groomed me intellectually, it has also offered me opportunities to hone my professional skills. For me, it is encouraging to be offered a faculty position to teach undergraduates in third year of my PhD completion. I believe, this is a building stone in formation of a sound career base. I would like to add at the end that being selected here as a doctoral degree candidate has been one of the most fulfilling experience and the best thing that has happened to me.”