Senior Officer Customs and Trade Facilitation, USAID Pakistan Regional Economic Integration Activity (PREIA)

You think ‘world class’ and then you see it - LUMS has been exactly that for me. LUMS is what I would like to call family; it’s a friend, a confidant, sometimes my favorite enemy; with the unimaginable challenges it poses and the adrenalin rush it pumps for me to realize that the impossible is in fact possible! The steep learning curve has led me to expose myself to capabilities I never knew I had and to recognize the immense potential that goes to waste if not tapped into. LUMS took me in as an intermediate input in 2017, and with only a year worth of magic I already feel like a new...

Area Manager Sales, Phillip Morris International

"We do a lot of Harvard cases during the MBA and since most of the Harvard students go on to establish start-ups, it is inspiring for us. We feel that after doing MBA from LUMS, we have the necessary skills to start a business and make it successful."

Executive Vice President & Business Head, MCB Bank Ltd

"I joined LUMS in summer of 1991 at the old campus. For our summer orientation among other things, we were introduced to computers and given two floppies each!  Coming from a background of traditional classrooms, the case method of teaching felt intimidating.  I was fortunate to have been taught by the founding faculty of LUMS, with less than 100 students on the campus. I made lifelong friendships during my time at LUMS. While WAC was a back breaker the lure of Halwa Puri breakfast kept us going, not to forget the midnight basketball matches....