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BSc MGS 2020

Just like any other person coming out of their A levels, I was anxious whether LUMS was the right choice for me or not. Now, I look back to a delightful journey that has made me who I am today. LUMS is a place where there’s no lacuna of opportunities. If you have the drive to follow your passion, LUMS will provide the platforms to accelerate your growth across every possible realm; be it academics, professional experience, or extra-curricular activities.

In terms of academics, LUMS gives you the opportunity to study a myriad of inter disciplinary courses and build a holistic perspective. As a Management Science student, I have taken courses in programming and political science, apart from a variety of different courses offered at the business school. The diversity in coursework has enhanced my creativity and polished my technical skills. Through various corporate exposure programs hosted by the business school, I got the chance to network and learn from industry leaders, which helped build my business acumen.

Alina Majeed BSc MGS 2020
Fellow at McKinsey & Company

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