B.Sc (Honours) Management Science

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BSc (Honours) Management Science

The BSc Management Science degree prepares you for an influential career by combining the fundamentals of business with a global perspective. This empowers you to innovate solutions for today’s economic and societal challenges. Designed as a specialised management programme, this degree utilises business analytic theories and methods to provide a deep knowledge and understanding of leading business practices, as well as the skills required for efficient decision-making.

Students also learn (big) data management, business intelligence, data mining, predictive modelling and other quantitative methods. Graduates of this programme are trained to identify and analyse managerial and technical problems, as well as large volumes of data to evaluate decisions across the different business functional areas, and then communicate the results to novice and advanced technical audiences in a business environment.

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What will I Learn in this Programme

  • Effective problem solving and analytical skills

  • A broad technical skill set and the ability to critically analyse problems and apply necessary tools to support the decision-making process

  • An understanding of the modern business environment so that you can appreciate the importance of business and data analytics across various business functions, such as marketing, operations, HR, finance and accounting.

  • Critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning, enabling you to deal with complex business issues by integrating theory with practice.

  • The legal, social, political, economic, and technological environments around you.

  • Personal and interpersonal skills, including effective communication to enable you to develop as independent, confident and reflective individuals who are capable of taking initiative when working with your teams.

  • Importance of sustainable and ethical practices and how to become socially responsible within the local as well as global community.

What to do with my degree?

Management Science graduates excel in diverse managerial and consultancy positions, ranging from multinationals to the development and public sectors. Many graduates become entrepreneurs and launch their own businesses.

Recruiting Partners
  • Coca Cola Pakistan
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • ICI Pakistan
  • JAZZ
  • KPMG
  • Nestle Pakistan
  • Nielson
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange
  • S&P Global
  • Telenor Pakistan
  • Unilever ME
  • If you have the drive to follow your passion, LUMS will provide the platforms to accelerate your growth across every possible realm; be it academics, professional experience, or extra-curricular activities. LUMS gives you the opportunity to study a myriad of interdisciplinary courses and build a holistic perspective. As a Management Science student, I have taken courses in programming and political science, apart from a variety of different courses offered at the business school. The diversity in coursework has enhanced my creativity and polished my technical skills. 


    Alina Majeed BSc MGS' 20
    Fellow at McKinsey & Company
  • Pursuing my undergraduate degree in Management Science was the best decision I made! The programme equips you with the necessary tools to develop strong business acumen. You can then build upon these foundations with a variety of courses like Econometrics, Data Science and Supply Chain Management to help you specialise in the area of your passion. This holistic approach allowed me to truly explore what I loved and become exceptional at it  - with the help of the amazing faculty at SDSB!

    Omer Imran
    BSc Management Science 2022

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