1. CREATIVE COMMERCE: Balancing Business and Artistry in the Fashion Industry



CREATIVE COMMERCE: Balancing Business and Artistry in the Fashion Industry

On October 6, SDSB hosted a panel discussion on "Creative Commerce: Balancing Business and Artistry in the Fashion Industry." The event featured a stellar lineup of panellists from the fashion world who shared their profound insights and experiences in this dynamic field with MBA students.

The panel consisted of Mr. Arif Iqbal, Co-Founder & CEO of LAAM; Ms. Khadija Rahman, Director of Generation; Ms. Zara Shahjahan, the Creative Director of Zara Shahjahan and Salman Parekh, the Managing Director of Manto.

During an extensive discussion moderated by Ms. Sahar Atif, an adjunct faculty member at SDSB, the panel delved into the complex interplay between artistic expression and commercial achievement. They underscored that in the constantly evolving fashion industry, creativity and commerce are not separate entities but are intricately interwoven to form a fusion of art and business.

Emphasizing the need to bridge the gap between creative vision and market viability, Arif Iqbal shared insights on how LAAM artfully navigates this intersection. Khadija Rahman discussed Generation's mission to empower women through fashion and their successful integration of sustainable practices into the business model.

Zara Shahjahan delved into the challenges of maintaining artistic integrity while catering to a diverse clientele, reflecting her dedication to preserving traditional crafts within contemporary fashion. Contributing a literary perspective, Salman Parekh explained how Manto pays homage to the literary giant Saadat Hasan Manto by merging his legacy with fashion. He further emphasized the power of storytelling in the fashion industry as a potent tool for social impact.

The event provided MBA students and fashion enthusiasts a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the creative and business aspects of the fashion industry. The Q&A session allowed the audience to interact with the panellists, exploring topics like sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the fashion world.

As the discussion drew to a close, tokens of appreciation were presented to the panellists. This event was a testament to LUMS-SDSB's commitment to experiential learning, where industry experts are invited to share their real-world experiences with students, bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world. 

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