EMBA Farewell Dinner 2024



We are delighted to announce the grand success of the EMBA Farewell 2024, held on 20th April 2024, at Royal Swiss Hotel in Lahore. This event marked the culmination of an extraordinary journey for our Executive MBA graduates. The evening was filled with joy, reflection, and a profound sense of achievement as we bid farewell to this exceptional cohort. The event provided a platform for graduates, faculty, and staff to come together and celebrate the invaluable experiences, knowledge, and connections gained during the EMBA programme at SDSB-LUMS. The venue radiated elegance, setting the perfect atmosphere for the graduates to express their gratitude to their mentors, acknowledge their peers, and express their excitement for the future. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the EMBA Class of 2024 and are confident that they will continue to excel as leaders in their respective fields. The EMBA Farewell 2024 will be forever etched in our memories as a testament to the remarkable achievements and camaraderie forged during their time at SDSB-LUMS.

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