7th Islamic Finance Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference (IFBBE)



The 7th Islamic Finance Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference (IFBBE) took place at Serena Hotel, Islamabad, from August 12 to 13, 2023, in collaboration with HBL Islamic Banking. This conference served as a significant gathering of experts in Islamic finance and revolved around the theme, "Global Transformation through Social Equity, Digitalization, and Sustainability."

The IFBBE received 48 research paper submissions, a testament to the growing interest and relevance of Islamic finance in the global landscape. Through a rigorous blind review process, 32 of these papers were accepted, maintaining the conference's commitment to scholarly rigour. These accepted papers were presented, encouraging the dissemination of cutting-edge research findings and fostering constructive dialogue among attendees.

The conference was structured around four distinct research paper tracks, allowing participants to delve into specific areas of interest and expertise within Islamic finance, banking, and business ethics. This approach ensured a rich and diverse array of discussions and presentations, covering a wide spectrum of topics relevant to the field. 

The event began with opening remarks by Dr. Faiza Ali, the Associate Dean of Research & Scholarship at the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), who emphasised the importance of ethical research and scholarship in Islamic finance. Dr. Saad Azmat, Director of the Office of Research at LUMS and Associate Professor at SDSB-LUMS, underscored the critical role of research in shaping the future of Islamic finance and academia. Muhammad Asad Khan, Head of Distribution at HBL Islamic, highlighted the significance of collaboration between academia and industry in driving innovation and progress within Islamic finance.

IFBBE 2023 also featured three distinguished keynote speakers, each offering valuable insights into critical issues facing Islamic finance. Syed Samar Hasnain, the Executive Director of the Financial Inclusion Group at the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), emphasised the role of financial inclusion in achieving economic equity. Dr. Zamir Iqbal, the CFO and Vice President of Finance at the Islamic Development Bank, shared his perspectives on financial sustainability and the global stability achieved through Islamic finance institutions. Raja Sohail Saraj, the Head of Retail Banking for Islamic Banking at HBL, explored innovative strategies for sustainable growth in the evolving landscape of retail banking within Islamic finance.

Furthermore, IFBBE 2023 hosted two engaging panel discussions, providing a platform for experts and attendees to engage in debates and share their knowledge. These discussions were instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Islamic finance today.

The 7th IFBBE Conference in 2023 was a valuable gathering for Islamic finance professionals. Its focus on key themes like social equity, digitalisation, and sustainability highlighted the sector's role in addressing contemporary challenges and fostering global transformation. IFBBE remains a key platform for promoting ethical and sustainable practices in Islamic finance worldwide.