Meat Industry Of Pakistan – Challenges & Opportunities



On October 20, SDSB hosted a panel discussion on the "Meat Industry of Pakistan - Challenges & Opportunities." The panel brought together prominent figures in the meat industry, offering insights into the sector's dynamics in the current landscape.

Moderated by Humbul Tariq, an adjunct faculty member at SDSB, the panel boasted a distinguished lineup, featuring Syed Hassan Raza, President of the All-Pakistan Meat Exporters & Processors Association; Asif Ahmed, CEO of Oasis Farms; Bilal Chaudhry, CEO of Farm Solutions; and Dr. Aleem Bhatti, CEO of Tazij Meat & Foods.

The discussion centred on the meat industry's key challenges and future opportunities. Industry experts addressed global hurdles in meat export and processing, highlighting regulatory compliance and international standards. Emphasis was also placed on sustainable and environmentally friendly meat production, as well as the increasing demand for organic and free-range products. Furthermore, the discussion highlighted the role of technological advancements, particularly automation and digitalization, in improving supply chain efficiency.

The panellists collectively explored potential avenues for growth within the meat industry, such as opportunities for expanding exports, diversifying product offerings, and the pivotal role of research and development in elevating product quality.

In an era when the global meat industry is undergoing profound changes and confronting various challenges, this panel discussion furnished valuable insights for industry professionals and aspiring entrants. It underscored the importance of tackling challenges with innovative solutions and capitalizing on opportunities to ensure sustainable growth.

As the discussion drew to a close, tokens of appreciation were presented to the panellists. This event was a testament to LUMS-SDSB's commitment to experiential learning, where industry experts are invited to share their real-world experiences with students, bridging the gap between academia and the corporate world. 

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