The Story Begins for Radio LUMS

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“I think most of us have a ‘radio story’ in our lives—a story about how a radio show has impacted us. And I believe that radio LUMS is a wonderful project that will connect and unite the community, giving them a chance at a radio story of their own,” expressed Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, LUMS, at the launch ceremony of the official LUMS radio station, held on June 1, 2021.

After months of preparation and hard work, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and the Radio LUMS Society launched the University’s official radio station, Radio LUMS. The ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the new station, and was attended by Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Vice Chancellor; Dr. Tariq Jadoon, Vice Provost, Hiba Zakai, Campus Climate and Co-Curricular Head, and the team from the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Adnan Khan, Dean, Babar Asad Khan, Head of Department at the Office of Sports, Wellness and Recreation, Arooj Tajjamul, Senior Officer, Mudasser Hussain, Radio In-charge and Ather Hussain, Radio Technician.
Located in the Student Support Service building at LUMS, the new radio station is a vibrant, soundproof room, ready to share impactful content to the LUMS community. At the ceremony, Dr. Ahmad talked about the meticulous planning and cooperation that went into the construction of the station, and discussed plans for a future permanent home for Radio LUMS, encouraging the Society members to share their ideas and feedback with the designer. Shields were then presented to Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Khan, both of whom deemed the other as the ‘champion’ of Radio LUMS. 

The radio went live for the first time, starting with a message from Founding Pro Chancellor, Syed Babar Ali, who believes that Radio LUMS is the perfect platform to disseminate inspirational ideas, education, music, and stories that will enhance the entertainment as well as the knowledge of all those who tune in. “There is no limit to the benefits that it can provide to the people who will listen to it—it can be a role model, teaching us how we can improve the society at large, and how we can contribute to make Pakistan a better place to live.” 

Syed Babar Ali’s expectations align perfectly with the vision of Radio LUMS. The aim of the station is to feature discussions on relevant social issues, share the latest information, and essentially provide the community with a holistic platform for the many forms of educational, intellectual and artistic expression. The Senior Council of Radio LUMS includes Muhammad Kamran Taj, President; Momal Saman, Vice President; Hajra Imran, HR executive; Chief Editors Fizza Ali and Qais Saleem; Marketing Executives Manal Mohsin and Marjan Hussain, and Treasurer, M. Hussain Qazi. The team is an enthusiastic group, embodying a passion for the many ways radio can be utilised for the betterment of society.  “We stand for diversity and inclusivity,” is their motto, as emphasised by their social media pages. 

“Radio LUMS is a project formed through love and passion. The current Council will be graduating soon, however, the passion that they have inculcated in the team will remain for years to come,” stated Hajra Imran, HR Executive at Radio LUMS. She thanked Dr. Adnan Khan, Mr. Babar Asad and Ms. Arooj Tajjamul, from the OSA for their incessant encouragement and support when the idea of Radio LUMS came into being at the beginning of 2021. “They were all so encouraging, and I think that’s exactly what was needed. This is what motivates you to create something, to say something, to do something.” 

The ceremony concluded with a personal anecdote from Dr. Ahmad. Emphasising the power of radios, he talked about how during the war in the 1960s, his mother used to work at the radio station, where she would drive to everyday, regardless of what was happening around her. “She would come back from the station at the end of day and tell us new stories and experiences, changing our lives bit by bit every single day.” 

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