Workshop on Textile Circular Economy – Climate Change Resilience in Pakistan’s Textile industry



Discussions around texonomy are vital and timely since the textile industry in Pakistan provides employment to almost 40% of the total labour force and contributes to almost 9% of the total GDP in Pakistan. At the same time, Pakistan is one of the most vulnerable countries hit hardest by climate change. Therefore, it is crucial that the textile sector in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Southeast Asian countries adapts the circular economy model to tackle their climate challenges.

Texonomy is organising a British Council Funded UK-Pakistan Workshop on Textile Circular Economy – Climate Change Resilience in Pakistan’s Textile industry. The aim of this workshop is to bring Early Career Researchers (ECR) in the UK and Pakistan to enable Pakistan’s textile sector into a circular economy model generating zero waste. 

Date: June 7 – 9, 2021
Platform: MS Teams
Deadline Extended to: May 21, 2021 17:00 (UK Time)

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ECR are also invited to apply for the Texonomy Challenge Prize worth £7000, which will work as a seed research fund to help shape and scale their ideas and solutions. 

About Texonomy

Texonomy stands for “Textile Circular Economy”. It aims to eliminate all types of wastefulness (energy, chemicals, water, air, solid, land, human capital) in the textile sector of Pakistan through the application of innovations in policy, science and technology.

The key goal for Texonomy is the sustainable social and economic improvement of the lives of people in the textile industry, its supply chain and its impacted communities, and the innovative reuse of textile waste products into commercially viable products.
For more information, you can visit their website here


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