Careaxiom Conducts Recruitment Drive for the BSc Computer Science Batch of 2021



Careaxiom conducted a virtual recruitment drive via zoom on May 25, 2021 for BSc Computer Science students graduating in 2021. 

Ms. Rabiba Bano, Human Resource Specialist at Careaxiom, started the session with a brief introduction of herself and the company. She stated that Careaxiom is headquartered in Chicago, and provides web and mobile-based solutions that improve care coordination for seniors living in the United States. Their SaaS (Software As A Service) based healthcare communication platform allows for a seamless exchange of information between care providers, such as doctors or nurses, and seniors or their families to facilitate timely care decisions. She mentioned that they provide simple and user-friendly solutions that eliminate computer silos and inspire collaboration.

Sharing details regarding the culture of the company, Ms. Bano talked about some events that they conducted and emphasised how all the employees are passionate, and work together to help the elderly and alleviate healthcare concerns. She also highlighted the core values of the company which include integrity, global citizenship and the promotion of happiness.

Later Mr. Muneeb Khawaja, VP Engineering at Careaxiom, took over and talked about the kind of talent they are looking for. He stated that at Careaxiom, they believe in learning, support and growth. He also talked about some of the computer software models that they use and how they also have an impact in the in the corporate sector.

In the end, Ms. Bano shared details of available positions and the eligibility criteria, followed by a step by step breakdown of the recruitment process.

The recruitment drive then concluded with an interactive QnA session.

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